The Sinolea Method - Extraction Through Natural Dripping Cold Percolation

The distinctive feature of the method Sinolea® is to provide products of the highest quality: superior quality extra virgin olive oils obtained by natural cold dripping . The method Sinolea® enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the extra virgin olive oils guaranteeing to-do the maximum content of natural antioxidants and components specifications related to quality.

The current level of knowledge has amply demonstrated that the temperature and the use of process water during the working are negative points that affect lowering the quality of the product.
The polyphenols and natural antioxidants contained in the drupe must therefore be transferred in ' oil without undergoing any thermal or mechanical.

The key points related to the obtaining of a very high quality product are the following:

- The maturity of the drupe;
- mode of collection, transfer and storage of olives;
- extraction system;
- methods and storage times.

The first, second and fourth of these may be modified and adapted by operators in order to optimize product quality, while the determining factor is linked to the extraction system closely related to the technologies applied.

The advantage of the Sinolea® method is determined by the fact that the system works completely cold and carries out the extraction for natural dripping "drop by drop" based on the physical principle of different surface tension between vegetation water and olive oil.

To understand the principle of its operation can resort to this simple experiment:

Take two glasses and fill glass 1 with 2/3 water and the rest of oil; let's keep the other empty.
Dive now a steel blade (spoon or knife) in one glass containing water and oil, and, after it is removed, let drip on the empty glass 2.

Illustration of the natural dripping cold percolation extraction method
If we have the patience to repeat this operation dozens of times we can transfer all the oil to glass 2: the water will remain in glass 1.

This is the system of dripping or percolation that is the basis of the principle of operation of the Sinolea® method where, in place of our blade there are thousands of blades of stainless steel, placed in a comb design, which penetrate and protrude continuously from the olive paste so alternately, by extracting the oil which then drips into the collection tank.

The strength of the system is the process is completely cold olive oil paste, ensuring the highest content of natural antioxidants in extra virgin.

With healthy and fresh olives, oil will preserve intact all its aroma and organoleptic characteristics of the highest quality.

See original explanation of the Sineola Method in Italian

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